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Welcome to goodnews-spiritualfood.com, the online home of the Good News for your spiritual health.

I’m Hanny, a believer in Jesus. The purpose of my site is to share with you the Good News as your Spiritual food. This Spiritual food will nourish your spiritual body. If your spiritual body is well nourished, the healthier your physical body will be.

As you partaking this Spiritual food by reading the message and learn to apply it in your daily life, this is what going to happen to you: your faith is going to soar and you will enjoy spiritual health that will improve your physical health. And you will receive the impartation of the Holy Spirit while partaking of His word with your heart opened.

Feast on my up coming posts and become spiritually and physically healthy believer in Jesus Christ!



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  1. Patricia says:

    Hi Hanny!
    This is a beautiful blog and I'm heartened by your desire to spread the good news through your blog. Jesus is certainly for us and I believe He has something great planned for you and this site.
    Continue working on it and spread the gospel for His glory!
    Patricia 🙂

  2. Rita says:

    Hi Hanny, 
    Superb blog. All glory to Him. Continue sharing your thoughts. God bless!

    • Paula Hanny says:

      Thank you Rita for visiting my blog. Yes, all glory belongs to Him! Always enjoy the cell meeting led by you 🙂

      God bless!

  3. james says:

    This is a beautiful and peaceful site. I’d like to get closer to God through the teachings and music here. God bless you Hanny for this resource. It’s just what I just need at this point in my life.

    • Paula Hanny says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Believed that God will grant your heart’s desire to get closer to Him as promised in His Word, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…”(James 4:8).

      God bless you!

  4. Analisa Butterfield says:

    Looking for a spiritual uplift every day.

    • Paula Hanny says:

      Dear Analisa,

      You may want to subscribe to Bible Gateway Email Devotion for your daily devotion / quiet time.

      Indeed we need to commune with God every day.

      God bless,



  5. Mary says:

    Hi Paula,   I'm happy to have just found this site

  6. Jovet Alabastro says:

    I like your blog.

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